Company/Ownership Entities…

Today I had to do real world work… I was asked to search for over 100 ownership/business entities and my client wasn’t sure what state they were created in. This site is where my search began. Each state has a very user friendly online search engine. (except for Texas, this state makes you pay for each search online, but for free you can e-mail or call with your list) I sent my list to the address they posted and immediately had a response.

Using Google Apps made this project easy! My client and I could interact on the same document and update as information became available.

I also created thru Google Sites an intranet that is shared by the employees of the company. This site host company information, HR forms, sites used often, and instructions for online programs we use. It was easy to develop and easy to maintain. Uploading documents or adding new employes is very simple. We keep the information updated and streamline for new employees or if we make changes to certain sites.

There are other sites that are available such as Office 365. Below is a link (click on photo) to an article that gives all the pros and cons of Google Apps vs Office 365. Some of the comments in his article addresses the fact that Office 365 is better overall. My next virtual venture is to learn the Office 365 and get a better feel for which I would prefer as a virtual user.



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