Military Sellers Beware!

New Financial Guidance May Help Troops as They Move

This article is for all the Residential Agents who work with Military families across the US. Having bought and sold many houses being married to an active duty military husband, I know first hand at some of the issues that are represented in this article. I also have many friends who are currently trying to sell their homes because of receiving order to a new location. Please read the attached link! I find it very interesting to say the least about the behavior of certain mortgage service industry leaders (not all) to our service men and women with regards to selling their homes.

Please forward this article or blog to all real estate co-workers and friends who are in the military. Many do not know what their rights are and this information could be helpful to facilitate a faster and more accurate sale of a home for an enlisted military serviceman.

Homeowners with questions or complaints may contact the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau at and 855-411-2372.



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