Instagram: What’s all the hype!



Not just another App! Paying over $1 Billion for Instagram, Facebook must think so too! Another social media shift has taken place. Using Instagram helps you to connect with family, friends and let the outside world into your life like no other. Instagram is another tool to use with businesses as well. People take pictures of everything, anywhere at anytime! Click on the photo and this will take you to a wealth of information to use Instagram for your Business!

Below are a few tips on how to use Instagram for your business!

  1. Event Marketing – What better way to tell the world about your upcoming event than through fun photos? You can be more creative with this than text alone and Instagram gives you one more platform to share it on as well.
  2. Host a Photo Contest – Have users take a picture with your product or send it their favorite original photos related to your service. Or try a “caption this” contest and upload a photo of your own.
  3. Find Fans – You can also use Instagram to find people who are already using your product or service and to connect with those who have similar interest and could be potential customers.
  4. Tell Your Story – You can use Instagram photos or a photo collage to tell your story. How was your business founded? What do you do? What are your beliefs or founding principles?

Tips for using Instagram!

Connecting to Social Networks
You can have Instagram post to Facebook, Flickr, Foursquare, Tumblr & Twitter. You can decide where to post each image at or share it with all at once!

Using @ tag and # tag
When attending an event or visiting a business that is on Instagram or Twitter, be sure to tag them by typing “@” and then their username! It is that simple!

To use a hashtag type “#” and start typing your hashtag with no spaces! Hashtags are just as important on Instagram as they are on Twitter!

When you upload your image, you will see the option to geotag directly under your status update.

Photo Editing Apps

No, this is not an app that calls out your typos — this is an app that adds flair to your Insta images. Add cool text quickly to enhance your images but also as a reminder of the great places you’ve been or the awesomeness of the picture you took.

This app offers you the chance to make a quick collage of several pictures for one instagram post. It will even save your images in the proper Instagram square shape.

A fun way to create depth and fun with your Instagram images. You can do all kinds of fun stuff with this creative app!

Often times you lose a lot of the picture you took when you go to upload it to Instagram because it crops the image to make a perfect square. This app gives you more image and lets you stretch and save the image. If you want to add a border, you could do that as well. This app also allows you to save your images in a larger file size to your device.

A very fun and creative app to give your images the WOW factor and make you look like a pro-instagrammer. The filters are also better than the ones you will see on Instagram! Check it out!

Line Camera
Fun. That is what you will have with this app adding fun stamps and clipart to your pics. Give your kitty a crown or a mustache. Also comes with filters to use on your images rather than Instagram’s 15 available filters.


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