5 Tips for E-Mail Etiquette


E-Mail has been around for years now, yet we still need to revisit this topic. Society has gotten lazy about punctuation, grammar and content when e-mailing. As a Virtual Assistant, 99.9% of my business involves e-mailing and sometimes the tone or meaning of an e-mail can be misconstrued.

We all can use these 5 tips when sending and receiving e-mails from clients. 

  1. Facts, Just the Facts – E-mails are short communications. Keep it simple and only include what is necessary to get your point across. If the message is personal and lengthy, pick up the phone.
  2. E-Mail is NEVER Private – You never know who will get bcc or forwarded your e-mail so keep the content to the topic and never include personal issues that won’t offend if it gets out.
  3. Always Include Specific Subject Line – this will help the recipient decide the importance of the content with an out of control inbox.
  4. Respond.. Respond.. Respond – Rule of thumb is to respond as quickly as you can, you don’t want to leave people hanging. If you know, let them know in a quick response. Respond no later than 24hrs.
  5. Last but not Least, Spell and Grammar Check Please – Not only with spell check, but actually read what you are sending, spell check does not check everything.

Keep these 5 in mind when e-mailing to clients and co-workers. Implement these and you will save time and be more productive!

A few extras to think about before pressing send:

  • Delete Chain E-mails
  • Do Not “reply all”
  • Ask before sending huge attachments
  • Use Acronyms Sparingly
  • Keep it to one subject per e-mail

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