Going Virtual!

After a friend of mine in suggested I create a profile on Elance, that is just what I did. This site is geared towards every type of “free-lance” work you can image. After a few months of bidding on jobs and getting outbid by someone that will work for $3/hr, I was frustrated to say the least. I was about to give up but then a post caught my eye for a commercial real estate virtual assistant job that was based out of Texas. Seemed like something right up my alley. So I quickly sent off a bid and left the house with no hope.  I checked the responses and to my amazement had a note that the employer contacted me!   We emailed back and forth, set up a call and the rest is history. I had to figure this virtual gig out quickly! I was hired for a 30 day trial and had to set up and register my business account with the city, open a business bank account, meet with an Accounting firm to discuss tax implications and when and what to save and pay to the government. I set up my home office, duel monitors, new tower, dropbox, skype, google account and many more!

I was all set and ready to get started!

I was eventually hired on with the company as an independent contractor. I found that I loved this and started to market myself for more clients. I created a Facebook Page, Twitter account,  Blog, updated my LinkedIn account and started joining groups with other “virtual assistants”. To my amazement this type of work has been available for well over 10 years! The groups I joined were great and full of information and I could ask the experts about anything and everything that I didn’t know or wasn’t sure about.

Soon after setting up my social media accounts, the request and offer started pouring in! I now have over 10 clients primarily focusing on commercial real estate and social media. I still work for my first company and have added so many more responsibilities to my job that it has been great learning all the new fun technical programs that are out there to assist virtually.

I love what I do and can’t say it enough. Working from home, being my own boss and meeting great people across the country is the greatest part of my business.

I hope to continue working virtually as long as there is a need and I can deliver! Thanks for taking the time to ready my story and feel free to contact me with your virtual needs!




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