My Story

Many friends, family, friends of family or just about everywhere I go someone will ask “What is a Virtual Assistant”, “How did you get started?”

Here is a brief history of my story along with some tips on how you can become a VA.

If you know me or even if you don’t, you can read my Professional Experience Tab and know I have been working in the Commercial Real Estate sector for most of my adult life! Before there were cell phones, computers and voice-mail, I was working my way up!

Receptionist, typing, taking handwritten notes for years, reading contracts, leases and anything I can get my hands on to learn the business. CB Richard Ellis is where my adventure began in small town in California. After a few years, I came back as a Marketing Specialist, which means this position did a little bit of everything. Loopnet was in the early stages of development and that was our platform as a buyers agent across the US. Moving on to Economic Development, recruiting Call Centers (before they started to move overseas) and back office to our area. Lots of travel and meeting people in the industry which came into play years later Virtually!

Now here is where the real adventure began! Moved to Albuquerque, NM, worked for a few local boutique firms then found my way to Grubb & Ellis. Worked for the top Retail Team and the most intelligent Entrepreneurial man I have ever met! (names have been omitted to protect the innocent) Manager, mother, shoulder, boss, friend, day-wife was my favorite.. to many of the broker and assistants in the office. After 5+ years and many lessons learned, we got the dreaded orders.. to Texas. Small town, nice people, no need for a high energy, efficient and go-getter person like myself.

Time to reinvent the wheel.

Three years and still going strong with my clients as well as adding new ones! This is the best job as I love it and my clients. I am now in Seattle, WA and here to stay! I love the PNW and working on PST for sure! So much to do here.. and why yes I do love the rain!


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