Remembering the Life of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

Remembering the Life of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.


Wishing you a Happy and Prosperous New Year!

Wishing you a Happy and Prosperous New Year!

This is soo great!


Christmas Realty Laboratory Sticker Circle White

T’was the week before Christmas

When all through the city

All the agents were quiet

Things really looked shitty


With iPhones and Blackberrys

Hung off their hip

They hoped for the most part

This was just a small blip


With investors too scared

And buyers at bay

Agents had visions

“No offers till May”?


The Post and the Star reported

This looks like trouble

Never fear said the banks

“There isn’t a bubble”


When out of the blue

There arose such a chatter

From Garth Turner with truth

“Real estate matters”!


Away to their listings

They flew in a flash

Tore open the shutters

Threw out the trash


The weather was mild

No need for snow tires

I’ll write a new blog

I’ll send out more flyers


When what to their wondering

Eyes should appear

But several hot buyers

They’re coming, they’re near!

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Happy Thanksgiving!

Thanksgiving Turkey Graphics

Happy Thanksgiving from Lovison Real Estate Consulting!

Happy Veterans Day! Thank you.


Winner is….



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Let’s get into the Holiday spirit! I will be donating 20 hours of Virtual ImageWork to your favorite charity! Click on the Link below or the photo to my Facebook Page and “Like”my page. Provide me what non-profit organization you would like to add to the drawing! On November 1st, I will announce the winner! To see a full list of my companies experience and services, please visit my Blog Page, Services Tab. Good Luck and spread the word!

5 Tips for E-Mail Etiquette


E-Mail has been around for years now, yet we still need to revisit this topic. Society has gotten lazy about punctuation, grammar and content when e-mailing. As a Virtual Assistant, 99.9% of my business involves e-mailing and sometimes the tone or meaning of an e-mail can be misconstrued.

We all can use these 5 tips when sending and receiving e-mails from clients. 

  1. Facts, Just the Facts – E-mails are short communications. Keep it simple and only include what is necessary to get your point across. If the message is personal and lengthy, pick up the phone.
  2. E-Mail is NEVER Private – You never know who will get bcc or forwarded your e-mail so keep the content to the topic and never include personal issues that won’t offend if it gets out.
  3. Always Include Specific Subject Line – this will help the recipient decide the importance of the content with an out of control inbox.
  4. Respond.. Respond.. Respond – Rule of thumb is to respond as quickly as you can, you don’t want to leave people hanging. If you know, let them know in a quick response. Respond no later than 24hrs.
  5. Last but not Least, Spell and Grammar Check Please – Not only with spell check, but actually read what you are sending, spell check does not check everything.

Keep these 5 in mind when e-mailing to clients and co-workers. Implement these and you will save time and be more productive!

A few extras to think about before pressing send:

  • Delete Chain E-mails
  • Do Not “reply all”
  • Ask before sending huge attachments
  • Use Acronyms Sparingly
  • Keep it to one subject per e-mail

Tenants Wanted!


Today Knoxville, TN! I am now working virtually for a Commercial Real Estate Agent out of Knoxville, TN. He has several properties listed and needed some ideas for tenants!

First order of business, I was to gather a list of potential retail users looking to expand or relocate in the Tennessee area. Two websites that I use are:

These are the best sites to use when you need tenant list to market a space.

The second project was to find all of the existing tenants on an office building. Found them and then found more! I found most of these Dr.’s at this link .. this site is mostly used to search when you need a Dr. but it was a great tool for me to gather a list of tenants in the building.

What sites do you use to find tenants??

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